There are numerous types of Chi Kung or Qigong with specialised Masters giving their own twist to the art of harnessing the universal energy Chi, making it work for the good of the practitioner and others. There are two types of Chi Kung.

Most commonly used in Taoist Tai Chi is a moving flow. This is usually for health and stilling the mind, while the Chi Kung we practice at The Retreat is Zhan Zhuang.

This can be described as a standing sequence of postures seeking movement within stillness and stillness within movement. Zhan Zhuang has the ability to go to the depths of the body, energising the Chi energy; with a still mind and a strong body, a more confident, less stressed individual grows. Regular classes and private lessons are taken by Richard.

Classes every Wednesday morning 10am to 12 noon

Please contact Richard to find out more details or Tel: 01245 222819