In these troubled times we hope this will help you; there are various online classes a week.

Richard at The Retreat Holistic Living Centre is doing Yoga, Beginners Tai Chi and advanced Tai Chi on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively at 8pm.

Jacqui at JMT Physiotherapy is doing Pilates and Physiotherapy consultations.

You are all welcome to register for these classes, Just email each teacher for passwords to the classes according to your needs.

Richard at for Yoga, Tai Chi, Mindfullness and Meditation.

Richard will be online 10 minutes before each session and can help you with the set up. The classes are held over “Zoom”. Please Sign into Zoom before you click the link.  

Every penny counts at the moment but your Health and Wellbeing is more important to us than money.  Any donation will be welcome but a donation of up to £20 per month per household, would be much appreciated. West Bowers Farm Products    sort code 20-54-30      A/c 70936146

Join in as many classes as you like.

Please Sign into Zoom before you click the link. 

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Take precious moments of calm in an anxious world. A free relaxation class suitable for all ages, where we learn about stress responses in the body and how to manage them. There are many health and well-being benefits of relaxation, and whatever age we are it is an essential life-skill to help us deal with difficult or challenging situations well. In our sessions, we will cover a variety of relaxation techniques to help learn and master the correct technique for you. The sessions are lead by Angela Buillard-Meaden co-founder of PlayPauseUnwind and Director of Essex and Epping Physiotherapy Clinics, with forty years of experience in teaching relaxation.

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