A living Service

People need acceptance and understanding to function without mental or physical stress.

The simple act of enlightened communication without prejudice permeates harmony between people and nips stress and many medical conditions in the bud, while improving morale above all expectation.

Facing the truth can be an immense hurdle to overcome; it can be hurtful and deeply unpleasant but enlightening for all concerned. The process requires both confrontations with traumas and the uncovering of the number of defence mechanisms that are erected to protect the person from unbearable pain and distress. Through an enlightened witness people can arrive at the truth and the way forward can be found.

Some people go to the doctor for pills and potions. They are seldom asked about their lives, just about the particular illness they have. Often they have never been offered the opportunity to discuss such issues and would say “I just go to work and have no time for talking, just work; when it comes down to it you’re on your own.”

If the doctors have not faced up to their own emotions or do not have the time to understand the language of the symptoms displayed. Without realising it, in order to keep control and appear to help; the patient is offered medication rather than allow an answer to be found from within the very patient sitting in front of them.

We often become attached to a particular way of doing things or dealing with situations but if we are interested in growing and progressing in life, we sometimes have to change. While it is important to do it in a graceful and compassionate way, we need to give ourselves permission to change and grow.

We all have a destiny. If we treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated, take each day as it comes and take the time to connect to the truth, we can live a successful and productive life. Our fate lies with us, where people must be responsible for their own actions. Finding a way forwards can be like walking through a maize but awareness of others and the consequence of our own actions is a defining factor. To that end it is difficult to take time to reflect and let the water take what ever shape vessel it’s put in, become still. Tai Chi Chuan can be the catalyst of a new beginning.

For the Yin will eventually turn to Yang


We reap what we sow

It is our actions that set up the dynamics of whether we suffer or are rewarded.


To move forward with truth, one must attain a state of getting where there is no past to weigh upon the present and no future to be determined.